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Sport Funding Spending 2016-2017 and Plans for 2017-2018

Following an application from us over the summer in 2016, we are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the Sainsbury's School Games GOLD Mark. This award reflects many things to do with our sport provision in school, including:

  • The quantity of high-quality PE lessons our children receive each week;
  • The amount of children participating in extra-curricular sporting activity each week;
  • The support we provide for our talented young sports people and less active children; 
  • The number of competitive events we take part in each year.

By receiving the Gold award, it really does put us among the top schools in the country for the opportunities we provide in PE. We are very proud of this award and hope it can be used as a springboard to develop our PE teaching even more!


If you want to know more about the award use the link below:


BREAKING NEWS: we have just found out that we have been awarded the Sainsbury's School Games GOLD Mark for 2016/17, the second consecutive year!  WELL DONE HALL PARK! 

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SPORTS FUNDING 2016/17 and Plans for 2017/18

For the budget year 2016-17, we received extra funding in excess of £9000 to spend on P.E.and sport.

Schools are encouraged to offer a programme which includes high quality physical education as part of the curriculum; enough competitive school sport opportunities for those young people who want to take part, as well as activities designed to meet the needs of the least-active young people.


The aims of the funding are:

  • To engage as many children in P.E. and sport.
  • To improve teacher confidence in teaching different areas of the subject.
  • To improve the resources available for curricular and extracurricular activities.
  • To lead an active, happy and healthy lifestyle.


At Lytham Hall Park we have used this additional funding to support us in meeting the aims through:


Joining the Wyre and Fylde School Sports Partnership. This is a package we have used to deliver curricular and extracurricular sport and Professional Development to our school.

There are in curriculum and extracurricular sessions delivered by professional coaches and attended by a member of staff. This ensures the children take part in a variety of sporting activities while the attending member of staff is able to learn from the coach providing high quality CPD.

Questionnaires have been created by the Subject Leader and sent to members of staff to allow them to show the areas of P.E. they felt most confident and least confident in teaching. This has allowed us to highlight which members of staff should be involved in the different areas of the funding package

We have used the funding to extend the range of sport available in school and release staff to take part in sport related professional development. Staff have been involved in the delivery of sporting activities during school and afterschool.


During curriculum time classes will have the opportunity to take part in these extra activities taught by outside agencies:

Tag Rugby, Swimming sessions, Tri Golf, Multiskills, Tennis, Gymnastics , Dance, Football, Change4Life, Pentathalon training and Boccia.


As a result of our ‘Lytham Hall Park Pupil P.E Questionnaire’ the results showed a real passion in the interest of Tennis! With this in mind, a proportion of the Sports fund was used to allow all children in Years 1 to 6 to improve their tennis skills and experience new tennis games and activities. The questionnaire also showed that many KS2 children would like to experience a table tennis club. We have purchased tables and equipment to allow this club to take place in spring and summer this year. Children who have less involvement and interest in sport have had the opportunity to take part in ‘Speedstacking’, the sports funding has also financed the resources to allow this to take place.


An audit of the P.E. resources was undertaken and new storage and new and updated resources have been purchased. This was in order to improve the delivery of P.E. and sport in school including at lunchtimes and playtimes.  Sainsbury’s School vouchers are collected so that we can purchase further resources for free.


During playtimes and lunchtimes physical activity is continually encouraged. Resources and equipment are accessible for both KS1 and KS2 pupils. At lunchtimes we employ the Jamie Milligan Academy to train and increase skill development. This encourages all children to keep active and learn skills whilst having fun! The Milligan and McCann Academy provide lunchtime activities including Football, Street Dance, Athletics, Archery. Multi-skills, Handball and Dodgeball.


We also have a team of Year 5/6 leaders who undertake Pals activities for KS1 children. This gives the junior leaders opportunity to lead structured and ‘made up games’ and to promote the importance of rules and fair play.


Since 2014/15, we have annually recruited a team of ‘Year 6 Sports Monitors’ who work weekly to update our Sainsbury’s school sports blog and notice board with latest stories, results, match reports and to show what competitive opportunities are happening for our pupils. Our Sports Blog is also an opportunity for all of our pupils to show case their sporting achievements out of school.


We have used the funding to extend the range of sport available in school and release staff to take part in sport related CPD and also to improve the P.E. Faculty’s knowledge in ‘Safe Practice in P.E’. KS1 staff have had extra training to assist them in teaching all pupils to learn Key Fundamental Movement Skills ready for KS2 Game situations.


We pride ourselves on the extensive amount of clubs provided before, after and during lunchtimes. All the clubs have been well received/ well attended and taught by KS1 & KS2 teaching staff and outside agencies- The Wyre & Fylde School Sports Partnership, Nippon UK, Jujitsu & Fencing Academy and Milligan & McCann Academy. The emphasis on the impact of this funding is to provide increasingly high quality sporting opportunities and for pupils to be involved in new physical opportunities.


Below are termly timetables of the clubs that are available at Lytham Hall Park:

As a result of striving for high standards and expectations in all areas of school sport participation and inclusion- we have been awarded with the ‘Sainsbury’s School Games Gold Mark for 2015 - 2016’. Which we are extremely proud of.

In 2017-18 we have received further funding of over £9000 and have just been informed this has been doubled to over £18,000. We will use this funding to continue to remain a partner in the Wyre and Fylde School Sports Partnership. Further funding will be used to purchase resources to allow for the natural growth of school and extend the range of sporting activities, introduced through sport funding and where staff have received CPD, for example, tennis. We aim to continue to further develop the use of the resources available for children to use during playtimes and lunchtimes, on the school field and playground to encourage active participation in team games led by qualified coaches and our pupils through PALS.

The Wyre and Fylde Partnership have always worked with an aim of sustainability and so there is a clear focus on professional development of staff linked to their self assessed needs and curriculum demands. Further funding in 2016-17 has been targeted to employ coaches to work with staff in lessons to provide team teaching and professional development in teaching sport. This will continue in 2017/18 but with both classes in each year group offered the same opportunities with increased weeks of coaching, this will double our pupils and teachers access to these coaching sessions. We have also widened the leadership of PE and Sport to be run on a faculty basis with a group of teaching staff contributing.

The Lytham Cluster of schools already work closely to provide wider range of sporting opportunities including competitions. We are now working as a cluster to explore future sustainability through accessing resources, including staffing, as a cluster.

Sport Funding at Lytham Hall Park