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Uniform including Sports and PE kit

School Uniform




Grey skirt or pinafore dress or grey kilt in school check

White blouse or shirt

School tie

Purple woollen pullover or cardigan with school logo

White or grey socks

Sensible black shoes with strong sole and grip. Avoid ballet pump styles.

School Blazer (optional)


Grey trousers or shorts

White shirt

School tie

Purple woollen pullover with school logo

Grey socks

Sensible black shoes with strong sole and grip.

School Blazer (optional)



Summer School Uniform

Children may wear summer uniform during the summer term and for the first half of the Autumn Term (at parents’ discretion). Girls may wear a white blouse (long or short sleeved) and tie, with a grey skirt or school kilt or purple school summer dress. Summer dresses must be fully checked material.


Boys are required to wear a tie – but may wear short-sleeved white shirts. Please note that polo shirts are not suitable school wear. Sensible sandals may be worn, brown or black for boys and brown, black or white for girls. All of our school uniform and girls’ summer dresses are available from our school uniform suppliers.


Outdoor Clothing

During cold or wet spells of weather, please encourage your child to wear outdoor clothing including suitable coats and footwear, which is appropriate for the conditions. Please be aware that the weather can change very quickly in a day and so children should always have a suitable jacket or coat with them in school.


School Uniform Suppliers:

  • Top Marque, 7a Park Road, St. Anne’s-on-Sea
  • Tavenors, Clifton Street, Lytham
  • PTFA second hand uniform shop. Order form available from the school office.


Name Labels

Please ensure that any items of clothing, which your child is likely to remove or put on during the school day, are clearly named. School cannot accept responsibility for lost clothing or items.



Only the following items of jewellery can be worn in school:

  • Items that are inexpensive and would not cause upset or concern if misplaced or damaged
  • A wristwatch – this should not be a SMART watch. Mobile devices are not allowed in school and should be taken to the office if brought in where they will be stored for the day.
  • Girls may wear a small pair of earring studs, which will need to be covered or removed for certain activities. These should be plain silver or gold metal studs.
  • Jewellery of any other description is not permitted. This includes holiday bracelets which should be removed before children return to school.




Children’s Hair

Children with long hair should have it tied back and only white/yellow/black/purple hair adornments should be worn. Large hair bands, for example with substantial bows including Jo-Jo Bows or sparkles, are not permitted. Coloured hair braids (often following holidays) should also be removed before children return to school.


The use of hair gel is not permitted or shaved hair patterns, including closely-shaved heads: no cuts below Grade 2. No hairstyles mixing short on the sides and long on top. Children should not have fashion haircuts to school. If your child currently has one of these from the holiday, please allow them to grow out now they are back in school.


We suggest if you have a holiday haircut this is at the start of the holiday so children can return with hair in line with the policy at the start of the school term.


Children’s Nails

Children should have short nails when in school. Please note that children should not wear nail varnish.

KS1 (Infant) and KS2 (Junior) School Bags

Often children in key stage 2 come to school with big bags containing very little. Children do not need a pencil as this is provided for them. In Year 5 and 6 you may want to provide your child with an inexpensive fountain pen. We really do struggle for space in our cloakrooms and so we would request that you send your child with the smallest size bag possible. Our preference is for the following purple packets.


In Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 our preference is the smaller of the two versions of the purple bags.
In Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 our preference is the larger of the two versions of the purple bags.


This smaller version fits into children’s trays neatly and really helps us to keep the classrooms safe and tidy.

We would also ask that you consider removing the shoulder handle from the purple packets as these can cause a trip hazard as the children carry them or in and around school.

In school children should have:

A purple packet (for reading book etc)

A Pump Bag for PE kit

Additionally, there are times children bring a games kit and Forest Schools clothing in a small ruck sack.



This includes when sending in a packed lunch.




Water Bottles

Children should bring a water bottle into school each day. This should:

  • Have a retractable non-spill top
  • Be labelled with their name
  • Be in a clear container
  • Contain water only (no juice or cordial)